Ethereum Community Awaits Constantinople Release

Let’s get to understand what the nearest Ethereum protocol update is all about and how the market may react

Read more 27-02-2019

EOS Hacked Wallet Loses $2.09M

Learn how the EOS supporters reacted to the news about the security violation which led to a $2M hack

Read more 26-02-2019

Phore Tells About Synapse — Sharding And Smart Contracts Technology

The implementation of Casper technologies and Wasm smart contracts are developed by the collective behind Phore

Read more 25-02-2019

Coinbase CEO Defends Cold Staking

Learn about three cryptocurrencies which are worth paying attention to when it comes to cold staking

Read more 22-02-2019

Telegram Open Network SAFT Leaked

Learn what court will settle TON-related disputes and what makes us believe the leaked document is not fake

Read more 21-02-2019

Binance Chain Testnet Active

Binance Chain will be a DPoS-based system for Binance Coin and for a completely new decentralized exchange (DEX)

Read more 20-02-2019

ALQO Finally Burns A Part Of Premine

A large sum of 21035 XLQ has been deleted after a December community governance vote. See the probable reason of the delay

Read more 19-02-2019

Norway Private City Liberstad To Use PoS Coin

Two promising digital concepts — smart cities and digital currencies meet in a new project in Norway

Read more 18-02-2019

Stake Capital Will Now Use BSO Servers

Staking service providers allow institutional investors to have a share in PoS projects without bothering about wallet clients

Read more 15-02-2019

Binance CEO Shares DPoS Blockchain Plans

Learn why Proof-of-Stake enthusiasts should watch the research and development of Binance Chain — a new DPoS-based structure

Read more 14-02-2019
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