"We Broke Ropsten": Ethereum Constantinople Update to be Postponed

The update for Ethereum blockchain called Constantinople may not see the light of day in 2018, as stated by one of the developers of the popular cryptocurrency. In a tweet dating back to the past weekend, Afri Schoedon tells:

The information about this has been shared by several influential cryptocurrency websites without any refutations coming from the Ethereum team or its wider community.

The Ropsten testnet is a sandbox for new Ethereum blockchain updates, and Constantinople - a soft fork designed to ease the future move of Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm - has not been activated after block 4,299,999, the media tells. Although block 4,230,000 has been found, it does not contain any transaction data, journalists note.

Investigations on what exactly caused the stall of Ropsten are still ongoing. Apparently, the fault was partly due to the lack of coordination between the different developers of the Ethereum blockchain. As noted by Lane Retting, independent Ethereum programmer: β€œWe broke Ropsten, but it's a testnet, and it will be fixed, and this is precisely the point of releasing to a testnet first.”

Image: fotolia.com


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