Telegram Open Network SAFT Leaked

In a quite ironic turn of events, an unofficial Telegram channel dedicated to the news about this messenger has posted an interesting document which looks like an authentic Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT). The written parties of the contract are Telegram Group, Inc. and TON Issuer, Inc together with anyone who wants to invest in Telegram Open Network, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain environment linked with the popular Telegram messenger. The SAFT confirms all we have known about the initiative before — TON founders want to follow the international financial laws as close as possible.

One of the most notable features of this private and confidential contract is that the members of the US OFAC, State Department, the UN Security Council, the EU, and the UK Treasury sanction lists (e.g. crime syndicate leaders, sanctioned countries or regions) will not have any opportunity to participate in the ongoing process of TON investment attraction. This will additionally increase the reputation of this business in the eyes of regulators which are usually skeptical towards the crypto industry. The legal place in which all potential disputes will be resolved is stated to be London, England.

The final deadline for the Telegram Open Network launch is set as 31 October 2019. As you might know from another leaked document has recently described, the mainnet launch may already happen at the end of March 2019.

Image: Depositphotos


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