Stake Capital Will Now Use BSO Servers

News are coming again from the emerging sphere of cryptocurrency staking services: Stake Capital, a validation services provider for Proof-of-Stake protocols, has signed a partnership agreement with BSO, a company owning a large electronic payments network called CryptoConnect.

Stake Capital will use the servers provided by BSO which means a serious step towards the guaranteed service stability, as implied by CEO Julien Bouteloup:

“With 99.99% availability SLA’s, and strict environmental and security specifications, BSO is the ideal partner for enabling Stake Capital’s reliability assurances.”

Similar news are very likely to appear in the future when staking services will require greater computing power to ensure the stable work of their enterprise. Stake Capital should not be confused with Staked — another, quite similar services provider which has recently received a large investment from Coinbase, Pantera Capital Management and several other corporations. Unlike Stake Capital that tells BSO will provide it an access to Amazon Web Services, Staked has already established its infrastructure on AWS and Google Cloud, as seen from the materials online.

This growing PoS services market has not escaped the attention of the business media, you can read what it thinks on this topic in an older article on

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