Popular PoS coins


  • Ticker: PIVX
  • Consensus algorithm: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)+MN
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Block reward: max. 5 PIV per block (split dynamically between staker & masternode)
  • MN reward: 3.00000000 PIVX
  • MN collateral: 10,000 PIVX
  • Total supply: infinite
  • Premine: no premine
  • Genesis block: 2016-01-30 04:10:07
  • Team: semi-anonymous, communicative, 23 key members
  • Declared goals: Private Instant Verified Transaction, financial privacy and freedom

PIVX, a cryptocurrency with a heavily-modified blockchain of another popular coin called Dash, has emerged in January 2016 under the name of Darknet (ticker DNET). This is currently one of the most recognized Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies. It also incorporates the technology of masternodes. One of the notable privacy tools is zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge proofs) - a technology that makes possible not to interact between prover and verifier. This cryptocurrency has already become a basis for several new ones. PIVX successfully implements the principles outlined in the Zerocoin White Paper.


  • Ticker: BWK
  • Consensus algorithm: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)+MN
  • Block time: 90 sec
  • Block reward: 37.5
  • MN reward: 24.375 BWK
  • MN collateral: 5,000 BWK
  • Total supply: infinite
  • Premine: ~3.35%
  • Genesis block: 2017-12-01 06:37:55 UTC
  • Team: semi-anonymous, faces revealed, 8 members, communicative
  • Declared goals: I2P and TOR privacy both for masternode owners and stakers, hardware wallet, commerce payments

Bulwark is one of the most known variations of PIVX which itself is an offshoot of Dash. Bulwark has emerged in December 2017. Like PIVX, it offers Proof-of-Stake benefits together with the technology of masternodes. The major difference between PIVX and Bulwark is the anonymity features each team has chosen to implement - the full support of TOR is already available thanks to the first version of the Secure Home Node technology. Overall, the intentions of the team strikingly resemble the narrative of most other privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies.


  • Ticker: PHR
  • Consensus algorithm: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)+MN
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Block reward: 2.8 PHR
  • MN reward: 4.2 PHR
  • MN collateral: 10,000 PHR
  • Total supply: over 11M
  • Premine: no
  • Genesis block: 2017-09-12 14:00:01
  • Team: open, 22 members + 2 ambassadors, LinkedIn profiles for most members, communicative
  • Declared goals: decentralized and private payments, DApps environment

"The initial Phore Blockchain code base was created from a fork of the PIVX project, which in turn was forked from Dash", the White Paper of the project states. And indeed, the history of Phore includes KryptCoin (KTK), a project launched in 21 May 2014. In 2017, the blockchain was changed to the new version, with a 1:1 coin swap resulting in the loss of unclaimed coins. Sharding and transaction privacy improvements are listed in the Roadmap as long-term objectives. The project vision unsurprisingly resembles that of PIVX, Bulwark and Ethereum when it comes to DApps hosting.


  • Ticker: XLQ
  • Consensus algorithm: formerly Proof-of-Work (Quark), now Proof-of-Stake (PoS)+MN
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Block reward: 17.5 XLQ
  • MN reward: 10.4773 XLQ
  • MN collateral: 10,000 XLQ
  • Total supply: 57,512,660 XLQ
  • Premine: 100.01 XLQ
  • Genesis block: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 06:55:34 UTC
  • Team: open, 7 key members listed on website, LinkedIn profiles for most members, communicative
  • Declared goals: a multi-purpose cryptocurrency with fast payments and easy access for everyone

ALQO has been largely based on PIVX - the combination of the technology of masternodes and Proof-of-Stake closely resembles this cryptocurrency. The consensus algorithm was changed from PoW to PoS at block 409001. One of the leaders of the company views ALQO as a “connective tissue” of Bitfineon - a cryptocurrency exchange the same team is now developing. The White Paper mentions Atomic Swaps, a groundbreaking on-chain coin exchange technology planned to install after the PoS phase start. Security and accessibility are the main cornerstones of ALQO as a project.


  • Ticker: DEV
  • Consensus algorithm: formerly Proof-of-Work (Quark), now Proof-of-Stake (PoS)+MN
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Block reward: 20 DEV
  • MN reward: 18 DEV
  • MN collateral: 5000 DEV
  • Total supply: 88,000,000 DEV
  • Premine: 4,100,000 DEV
  • Genesis block: 23rd Jun 2018 19:53:49
  • Team: anonymous, 4 key members listed on the website, communicative
  • Declared goals: reliable financial infrastructure, Zerocoin and SwiftX mechanisms support

This PIVX fork combines masternodes and Proof-of-Stake and like ALQO, it has already passed the initial Proof-of-Work (PoW) phase. DeviantCoin developers are also making their own user-friendly cryptocurrency platform called DEVX taking the best features of traditional fiat exchanges. They promise various funds security innovations installed from the start and also plan to introduce their brand cryptocurrency hardware wallet. DeviantCoin founders promise to engage with vendors to make their cryptocurrency recognized on traditional marketplaces and shops. To reach this, a special payment processor is being built.

Giant Coin

  • Ticker: GIC
  • Consensus algorithm: formerly Proof-of-Work (Quark), now Proof-of-Stake (PoS)+MN
  • Block time: 120 sec
  • Block reward: 20 GIC
  • MN reward: 16 GIC
  • MN collateral: 1000 GIC
  • Total supply: infinite
  • Premine: 200 000 GIC
  • Genesis block: 8th May 2018 02:59:17
  • Team: open, 13 members, communicative on Discord
  • Declared goals: fully working JavaScript-based smart contracts, self-governance system, decentralized apps environment

The team of Giant Coin pursues a goal to create an accessible smart contracts system built on JavaScript. This can result in a new digital space for blockchain-governed applications, programmers state. While the Giant Coin itself, the masternodes system and staking are already active, smart contracts are still under development. Despite the fact that some privacy measures have been inherited from PIVX, ALQO and Dash, the founders are more focused on the principles of decentralized financial community. The move to Proof-of-Stake has already happened in August 2018 after block 71400 (20th Aug 2018 09:35:08). According to the information from the project website, the first Giant-based application will be developed by the coin founders to prove the viability of the technology.


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