Our Mission and Vision

The cryptocurrency industry is becoming increasingly global. Large players are dictating their agenda to the whole market. In the news, there is a clear domination of crypto businesses with strong background and numerous ICOs.

Meanwhile, Dash and PIVX have come up with a technology that allows the developer teams from across the whole world to try their hand in the blockchain sphere and quickly build a new economic community. It’s no secret that there are many coins forked from PIVX which is, in turn, a fork of Dash. The cryptocurrency industry is operating on the open-source principles. Successful decisions quickly gain acceptance and reach various evolutionary milestones. This is why the Masternodes + Proof-of-Stake model is drawing more and more attention from blockchain developers.

Generally, the masternodes technology and the PoS consensus algorithm allow anyone to have a share in the supply which later doesn’t lose its value as the overall emission grows higher. This has become quite an attractive model and raised the motivation of the users to take part in a certain endeavor. In times like these, developers must be responsible when it comes to communication with the network participants and take informed decisions with the community blessing. This new market has a level of decentralization and freedom one can compare to the advent of the crypto market as a whole.

The mission of Staker.tech is to tell about the projects which, while not having the budgets of ICOs, were able to reach the community support and develop even further. We are going to share the best practices and provide an opportunity for new projects to share their own strategy. We will pay special attention to the research and development in the area of Proof-of-Stake to raise the public understanding of this algorithm that serves as a basis for a variety of cryptocurrencies. Those teams which are actively engaged into the actual development, increasing their business transparency and improve the whole market infrastructure will achieve the recognition.


Staker.Tech is a Proof-of-Stake coin monitoring and stats service. Staker.Tech does not research or recommend any coin. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.