EOS Hacked Wallet Loses $2.09M

Games.eos, a new active block producer in the EOS ecosystem called EOSIO, has become a reason of massive theft some unknown hacker made 22 February 2019. This was possible due to an old version of the compromised wallets blacklist that games.eos had, the social media channels tell.

The information about this is now being shared throughout the EOS community and a proposal countering this security breach has been made by EOS42, one of the top block producers. The community of EOS which is number four most capitalized cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap at the time of writing may support it, as it’s quite easy to understand: the blacklisted accounts keys will be nullified with a special tool called eosio.wrap. This will close the loophole and prevent any potential incidents like the one described above.

Theoretically, one could even incentivize a block producer not to update their blacklist in exchange for a large reward - this is similar to turning off the alarm system at a certain section of the bank vault after bribery. EOS42 also vehemently rejects the idea that it’s the whole EOSIO ecosystem to blame for such vulnerabilities. On Staker.tech, you can read other reports about EOS: ConsenSys believes that this project is not a blockchain at all and about what EOS supporters think about the project energy efficiency.

Image: stock photo


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