Coinbase CEO Defends Cold Staking

In a recent article written for Fortune, Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange CEO Brian Armstrong tells that it would be imprudent to reject the achievements in the area of cold cryptocurrency storage. One of the popular public misconceptions he wants to destroy is the offline staking impossibility.

Tezos, Cosmos and Decred are viewed as projects which either already have or actively develop the working methods of cold staking, Brian Armstrong notes, and he is looking forward to see how this invention further evolves. Contrary to what one might assume, this article has not stopped the recent bearish trend of Decred (ticker: DCR) that one can witness on Coinmarketcap right now. Same can be said about Tezos (XTZ).

Despite the strong positive sentiment to cold storage throughout the whole article, Brian Armstrong believes that customers would always prefer to have a choice between hot storage and cold storage, and because of that his organization, one of the most popular crypto platforms based in the United States, will develop both ways to keep funds safe in the future.


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